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Phone Repairs

about phone repairs

Faster than any phone repair shop in Croydon

We have professional experts in phone repair and well-equipped technicians that can repair your phone screen and replace phone battery within 15 minutes, faster than any repair shop in Croydon or surrounding areas. We can troubleshoot and fix any phone issues, from screen repair, battery replacement, charging problem, speaker problem, camera problem to liquid damage. 

All the parts we use for our repair are “AAA” grade and they all come with six-month warranty (terms and condition apply)

Phone Not Turning On

Don’t feel stuck if your phone turned off suddenly and cannot turn back on, LogyTech offers a 24-hour free diagnosis service and will be able to identify the problem and make a report with a quotation for the repair.

Locked Phone

We can help you restore your phone to default factory settings if the phone has locked you out after too many incorrect passwords attempts or if you want to change network provider, we can permanently unlock your phone to use any network of your choice.

Broken Screen Replacement

When unexpected accidents happen and your phone screen is cracked, it can cost a lot if you haven’t got insurance and you go to the apple store repair to fix the screen. Our experts can fix it for you at a significantly lower cost and a quick 15 minutes turnaround time.

Charging Issue

A buggy charging port can make you feel overwhelmed. Charging point not able to detect the charger is something a lot of phone users face and we can fix in less than 30 minutes whiles you wait.

Battery Replacement

Battery life problems after software upgrades are common for phone users. A fast-draining battery can leave wanting all the time when you can’t rely on your phone for work. Getting a quick battery replacement from our experts and you are back online to start using your phone for much longer talk time.

Camera Not Working

We all use our phone camera for different things but most importantly to capture the great moments and memories of our lives and when your camera on your phone is broken or glitchy, you can miss out on a lot. But not anymore, we can fix or replace all your phone camera problems same day.

Microphone Issue

It is a dreaded scenario when you are not audible while communicating with someone. Getting the microphone repaired is something that needs quick attention and must be done with proper technical knowledge. 

Heating Issues

Identifying and fixing the overheating issues before they reach to the extent of explosion are important for safety. We have fixed such complaints in the past leaving users happy with the end result. 

Software Issues

Software issues like apps not installing or getting crashed can be sorted out.  Our experts have the technical expertise of fixing these issues.

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