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PlayStation 5 HDMI Port Repairs

PlayStation 5 and Xbox hdmi port repair, LogyTech Croydon
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Advanced Game Console Repair Experts

PlayStation HDMI port repair services in Croydon. LogyTech game console is your go-to destination for comprehensive game console repair services in the Croydon area.

Our skilled technicians are proficient in addressing a variety of issues, including PlayStation 5 HDMI port repairs and Xbox HDMI port repairs.

We’re conveniently located for residents of Wallington, Addington, Bromley, Shirley, Purley, Crawley, Coulsdon, and the broader London area.

Experiencing trouble with your Nintendo Switch? Our experts are adept at fixing USB-C charging port issues, ensuring your device charges efficiently and reliably. In addition to game consoles, we offer a full range of computer repairs. Trust us to provide top-quality repairs near you with a focus on customer satisfaction and timely service. Visit LogyTech IT Solutions for all your repair needs and get back to gaming without delay! 

No matter what you’re told, the cost of repair will always be the best option than purchasing a new console and at LogyTech we guarantee to repair any console problems you may have at a very competitive price and a quick turnaround time.

Repairing your old gaming consoles electronic gadgets, comes with great benefits like, “saving money on a new purchase”, “less worry about losing your saved game data”, and the big one we all love, “saving the planet by creating less electronic waste”.

Our experts can assist and help you with professional advice on the best option to choose from and we are confident when it comes to finding a solution to your game console problems.


What We Can Fix:


When your PlayStation or Xbox console is roaring with loud fan noise, it is a sign that the console is due for general service and when it’s not locked at in time, the console may start to overheat and even shut down while you’re in a middle of a game and this is due to excess heat. This is a common issue that occurs in consoles after 12 to 24 months of use without service or upkeep.


If your gaming console is running at snail’s pace or freezing momentarily, the team at LogyTech can come to your rescue and fix it for you.

HDMI Port Replacement

If your HDMI port is not detecting your HDMI cable, it may need to be replaced. This is a very common issue, especially in PS5 where the HDMI connector port can break easily if not used properly.

Power Supply Repair

Is the power supply acting up without any warning? Our expert technicians can dismantle and test the console to find the fault and offer the best solution.

Disc Drive Repair

If there is an awful grinding noise while inserting the disc into the console, there is a chance of a hardware problem that needs to be addressed. This needs an experienced technician’s hand.

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