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repair services

Repair Services

For all laptops and pc, it’s easier to get a quick fix done by our experts in under an hour so you can get on with your work.

Solid-state Upgrades

Slow laptop? are you worried about your data? don’t want to lose your personal information and settings? We have the ability and equipment to clone your old computer onto your new computer with very minimal change or none at all. 

How can we help

We offer laptop and pc repairs and a wide range of services including general repair, software updates, solid-state (SSD) upgrades, RAM upgrades, charger issues, laptop screen repair or replacement and more. Please see below for more details:

Battery Replacement

Every electronic component and part has a life expand and when the time comes, we are here for you. We do our bit to help the environment by safely replacing your laptop battery and recycling the old and worn-out batteries. If the charger is not working after being connected to the switchboard, we can fix it for you.

Touchpad replacement

we are the only shop in South Croydon and the surrounding area that can fix your broken laptop screen in under 30 minutes guaranteed. A lot of windows laptops and MAC of course have touch pads these days. If your touchpad is not working, don’t be overwhelmed, just bring it to us. Our technicians will identify the problem and fix it in no time.

Keyboard replacement

If the letters on your keyboard is not functioning properly, we can help in fixing individual keys on keyboard if that’s possible. If not, then we do a keyboard replacement.

Virus removal

Our virus cleaning, antivirus installation, firewall setup services help you work securely online and offline.