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CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation

CCTV Protecting your home or business is very important, you can trust LogyTech to help keep trespassers away from your property by giving you the best and most current security surveillance systems your money can afford. We ensure that all installation standards are adhered to with the help of our team of experts. Whatever security camera systems service you need, from a brand-new system to upgrades or routine maintenance, our team of experts will take care of it. Our commitment to quality makes us an ideal service provider both for residential and commercial needs.

Our Area Of Speciality Is:


Surveillance systems can give you an extra layer of protection, having security cameras fitted at home can dramatically act as a deterrent to precarious incidents that can happen at your residence. If your property gets robbed or damaged, you can get the culprits identified by handing over the recorded footage to the police.


Protecting a business premise from potential threats is of paramount importance as it involves lots of confidential data and even huge machines in certain businesses. Apart from that, it gives a sense of security to the staff and customers. With our commercial surveillance cameras providing a good range beyond 40 ft, it can keep burglars at bay.


For institutions, having a surveillance system installed is very crucial for the safety of the students, and staff members and also for the infrastructure and material assets protection.


Retail units and especially shopping centres are prone to shoplifting on a day-to-day basis. It is an unavoidable requirement to have a comprehensive security system at place to prevent business loss and to reduce the retail crime ratio. 

CCTV Systems We Offer

If you are looking for the perfect surveillance system for your home or business but are not sure of what option to choose from, look no further. At LogyTech we offer tailored packages by discussing your needs and what works for you, we have a team of professionals in Greater London and surrounding areas, ready to assist and discuss upgrades, add-ons, new installations and more. Contact us to book a free and fair assessment and quotation for your project.

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