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IT Support Services

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Our IT support services include on-site and remote support for businesses, home visits for individuals, and hardware and software maintenance.

We ensure that your IT infrastructure is up and healthy every single hour so you can grow your business without a glitch.

Hardware And Software

We recognise the best hardware and software requirements for your business and design a tailored configuration to suit your needs. We also provide on-demand support if there is a sudden glitch. Apart from being convenient, it is great to know that you can rely on LogyTech  IT for all your technical issues and fixes so you can focus on the growth of your business and other important things.

Network Infrastructure

Having a strong network is very important for both small and big size businesses, for your team to be able to work to their full potential without any interruption. We help you find the right LAN, Wi-Fi providers and configure it for you to manage your network.

Cyber Security

A business needs constant protection from threats, especially when there is confidential data involved. With increased landscapes of threats, we defend your business from malware, virus and more and keep hackers at bay. We can save your data from ransomware and data highjacks.

Cloud Computing Services

In certain businesses, it is important for various people to access the same data at a time. In that case our cloud computing services help you store your important data securely on cloud server so that all employees with authorized access can easily use data for work on the company’s dedicated network and servers. Businesses can enjoy better productivity as everyone has access to same version of files even if they were updated. There is no manual process involved.



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