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Data Recovery Services

LogyTech data recovery services, a hard disk drive, memory card, usb drive on the technician's desk and a computer motherboard as a component
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Data Recovery In Croydon

Data is central to our lives so at LogyTech, we understand the ned to protect and secure it at all cost. We have the experience and the expertises to recovery lost data on any medium, we recovery data on old computer and old laptop, usb drive, external drive, memory card and many more. Losing data that is essential to your business can affect your work timelines badly. In cases where confidential data is involved, it becomes crucial for it to be recovered as it can affect your relationship with the client. With our experts at work for your data recovery, get your important files recovered within 48 hours. Rest assured that our process does not void your warranty from the original manufacturer.

Common Causes Of Data Loss:

Hard Drive Crash

67% of data loss is caused due to the hard drive being crashed or worn out over a period of time. The best solution is to hire a professional to help you. We have an exceptional success ratio with hard drive recovery.

Ransomware And Malware Attack

Your computer can get attacked by a virus or malware through phishing or email-based attack. Malware can enter your computer, attacking and corrupting vital system files that help the computer boot and run faster. We at LogyTech can help you claim back your data from ransomware, even if they lock you out of your computer.

Corrupted Software

Sudden software shutdown may not be seen as a huge threat but it can cause trouble to your data. When software gets corrupted, there are chances that the data related to that particular software also becomes non-accessible.

Liquid Spill

Lots of laptop liquid damage happens whiles you are trying to multi-task and holding some form of beverage like coffee or drink whiles working on your computer. If you have spilt coffee on your laptop, it can lead to a short circuit and even further internal damage. If your MacBook or PC laptop is deemed unrepairable, we offer data recovery service on all makes and models.


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